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The DEC has a fishing license hotline number available Mon-Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. You can call this number and get an instant fishing license confirmation number with a credit card.



Orleans County (585) 589-3220
Lake Erie - Dunkirk (716) 679-ERIE DEC
Lake Erie - Buffalo (716) 855-FISH DEC
Niagara County (877)FALLS US


Welcome to our all in one site for all your fishing, boating, weather and event needs for Western Lake Ontario and the surrounding areas.

FALL 2022

Welcome to our website where we provide boating and fishing info and news for the western part of Lake Ontario and its tributaries in New York State. We share links to other fishing reports, weather,charters, lodging and important fishing and boating related websites. We are located in Olcott, New York a great place to hook up with several species of fish. Best known for the incredible chinook (king) salmon, steelhead and brown trout fishing, we also have plenty of other species to make it a fishing adventure worth checking out. Large and smallmouth bass, coho and atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, walleye, lake trout, perch, northern pike, carp and several others.

October 22, 2022 Ė Sounds like a good day to start posting fishing news again. Itís been awhile for me to get on here and start posting . Due to things that happen in life, sometimes we just donít make the internet a priority. With the things going on the way they are these days, it may even be better to stay off the grid. Fishing didnít seem to be that amazing when it was supposed to be for quite some time. Now, things have perked up to be quite good. There were so many odd moments this year that giving an actual report would change faster than most could drive a car here.

From the lake being warm and the fish smaller this August Ė to a September full of questionable fishing days it has been a battle to keep up with.

Some media style contagion got to people and they were posting fake news about fishing. So many people drove to town for this fantastic fishing they were posting about and it was not good. People were told the salmon run was on when it wasnít.

The good news is, Burt Dam is rocking with salmon. That started being real good for a little over a week. Now, the piers and harbor have been trial and error for about a month. There will be good days and bad days. We did get some rain and colder weather brought some silvers to the mouth and piers, but that news is over a day old. A few steelhead were bouncing around there; a few did make it to the dam. We do hear of some brown trout in the mix along with them and quite a few people.

They should change the name of waders to waiters as so many people sit in their cars half the night waiting to wait at the dam until fishing can start. They should have a shotgun start like a car race. There are a lot of people that are either ignorant of the rules, or just donít give a rats butt. The snaggers, the people taking way more than their limit, the mean egg buying creepy guy, and then just the ones you tell your friends about over a few beers.

Fishing in Olcott harbor has itís moments. Some good, some ok, some not. Same with the piers where night and early morning fishing seem to be best.

A lot of people have been trying other places out like Johnson Creek and the Power Authority. Of course the Oak is jamming a little more than Burt Dam, but it is rocking there too. Pulaski sounds like the best of everywhere to be; it always has been.

Fishing at the dam colors change daily. Egg Sacs, skein, rubber eggs, wooly buggers, hunks of yarn, even hair is working from what Iíve heard. Plenty of great people in town. Enjoy the run while it is on. Have a great day.

Bill Hilts Fishfinder

Western Lake Ontario is known for its world-class Salmon & Trout fishing

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