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The DEC has a fishing license hotline number available Mon-Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. You can call this number and get an instant fishing license confirmation number with a credit card.



Orleans County (585) 589-3220
Lake Erie - Dunkirk (716) 679-ERIE DEC
Lake Erie - Buffalo (716) 855-FISH DEC
Niagara County (877)FALLS US


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MAY 2018


Thursday, May 16th - Fishing is still amazing out here on the west end. There are quite a few of the big boys fishing near Wilson and the bar who are all in town for the Wilson Harbor Invitational Saturday. Most are fishing all 4 tournaments that are in the WHI, the 1k a Day and Salmon Slam are also on. That big LOC Derby king could be sitting out there waiting for you to dust the spiders off your boat. With 4 tournaments running this week - it's a good time to fish. There aren't as many out of Olcott currently, but those fish are out there. Nothing exact because it is so easy to catch fish almost everywhere right now.

Most of the kings are right around 20 pounds right now and most everything is working to catch them. We finally got our spring supply of N & D cut bait at the Boat Doctors in Olcott and Creek Road Bait and Tackle in Lewiston.
It's looking real good this year - great cuts. If you want that monster king - it's the right stuff to use. There is a lot of money swimming in the lake this week. Tomorrow looks kind of snotty for the lake - 2 to 4's on some sites.... NE wind - but you never know. Either way there is some great fishing all over. Harry Crannel weighed in a 12 plus pound walleye yesterday. Fishing is just fantastic and you can send me your pics at or post them on our Facebook page. Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 15 - Well - Fishing is just incredible down here on the west end. The LOC Spring Derby is on and the Wilson Harbor Invitational is this weekend. There is almost no way you can go out there on a boat and not catch fish. It's really good all over inside and some of the charters that are out there are limiting out by 9 am. Most of the people we spoke with say it's "spoons" all the way - Standard size spoons are what is working. Color doesn't seem to be an issue currently; those fish just want to get inside your nets. People are saying fishing is better than they have "ever" seen it.

The majority of boats seem to be clustering near Wilson and the Niagara Bar but fish are everywhere. You can go out there in the evening and set a couple rods and they just start biting. Salmon, steelhead, lakers mostly. Most of the kings we have seen are just under and over 20 pounds. Those browns are further east or just hiding right now. Big boys are out there. Finding them is the trick this week. Enjoy and have a great time.

I'll be fixing up the broken links and updating now that I am back.

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