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Thursday, September 19 - It is another great day for spending time outside and the Lake is in another good mood today. Early morning and night temps are in the low 50's currently. During the day it is in the upper 70's and supposed to remain that way right through the weekend. The weekend forecast for trolling looks better than I have seen it quite a few weeks. It calls for 1 foot or less southwest. It doesn't get any better than that. Trolling should be great for the weekend.

There are plenty of salmon jumping all over inside waters. The bite has been a lot better at night and early morning inside. They are using everything from meat, stickbaits, a variety of spoons and whatever for fishing there. Oranges and greens are the hot colors currently. Glow doesn't hurt anything either.

Midwater and offshore still has silvers out there. We have heard a lot of good reports on those fish. It hasn't been an exhausting reel and net week, but they are getting fish. Since the weather has been kind, 300 to 400 fow has been decent during the day. Spoons and meat have been the choice. Black, glow, orange, red. Just think Halloween colors.

Pier fishing has been okay. It isn't incredible yet and that is what all the guys are waiting for. You just have to work a little for them. Casting Cleos, Moonshines, spinners,J 13's off the piers has been the go to. The water is still not at temp off the piers so catching random kings, steelhead, pike, and occasional brown seems to be the current it. One of the fun parts of pier fishing right now is watching all the salmon jump a bit farther than anyone can cast.

While salmon are teasing anglers in Olcott, the browns are jumping all over the place in Wilson. Wilson pier has some hot brown action according to a few guys this week. I don't know how long that lasts, but it's on.

Pike, perch and bass are biting in Olcott harbor. Burt Dam/Fishermen's Park - a couple of bass but no trout or kings yet. Have a great day.

Sunday, September 15 , It is a fantastic day for spending some time on the lake. The weather is comfortable and the lake is in a good mood.

September lake fishing can be some of the best there is. There are still matures in 400 fow. Those fish are biting. There are plenty staging inside water and 60-80 has a great picture, though the bite isn't as prosperous yet.

The piers are jamming with people. Most are enjoying the west pier and were beginning to pick up a little action this morning just before dawn. The all nighter anglers had a slow bite, but who cares - they got to go fishing!

For the last two days, they have been picking up a scattered mix of fish and it seems like they have been getting more pike than anything. A couple of browns, lakers, steelhead and salmon were in the mix.

A few lakers have been caught, an occasional steelhead and salmon. That was last night. This morning a couple of people said the bite turned on just before dawn. Than everyone else said it was very slow. It must of been one hot half hour.

Cleos, Moonshine, J -13's , Rat-L-Traps, spinners are all in the mix out there.

You can watch them fishing on the web cam and see what is really going on. That way you can make a graph and know exactly what time the fish are biting,what they are catching them on and if they are catching them. I'm joking in case any of you ran to get a piece of paper. One angler just finished for the day. All he caught was a boat rope. He said it was the longest rope he ever caught! It's getting closer to being that time for the piers but it really isn't on yet. In some people's internet world, salmon fishing is great off the piers. In my world, the salmon are not in yet. Have a great day.

Thursday, September 12 Ė The temp dropped from 85 yesterday to brrrr this morning, along with a little rain. That might be a good sign for some better stream and pier fishing. After the 4 to 7 footers get done pounding the piers, things should change. People have been catching a few scattered kings off the pier. Yesterday, one of the overnighters got a brown, a king and a steelhead. Itís still been an occasional king off the piers. That is due to change any time now. With the new temp change and wind blowing out of the northeast today, I canít say much on new lake info. Itís windy and cold in Olcott this morning. Have a great day.

Sunday, September 8th - The weather is super for spending a day on the lake. Lake fishing was great yesterday for most that went out there. Some did well on some nice kings in 60 to 80 fow. Most of the other guys went out about 8 miles and did really well on spoons. They boxed out and had a great time. Hot colors right now are black and red, caramel, monkey puke colors. Inside meat bite, stickbaits, J Plugs working real well.

There has been a lot of confusion about the salmon run everyone looks for. There have been so many people recently coming to town because they read on the internet that the salmon run started. Let me clear this up for you. It did not start yet! I'm not an internet/Facebook stalker so I'm not hunting down the sources of the rumors, but I sure wish they would think before they post. We have seen several people now that have come a really long distance to fish Burt Dam and the piers. They go there and find out otherwise. They read it on the internet. Here is what is really happening:

Burt Dam/Fishermen's Park - Not yet!

Pier Fishing - It's okay with an off an on type of catch. There was some okay brown action last week along with a few salmon. It slowed up and is picky right now. The best fishing is at night, but there is no actual run yet. It's a great place to sit and fish with awesome weather right now BUT it is not great by any means. Pier fishing, spinners, Cleos, casting spoons and of course J-13's (fire tiger).

Harbor - Eighteen Mile - Perch fishing was decent yesterday - minnows.

Shoreline fishing is decent by boat - haven't seen or heard of anything in Eighteen Mile by boat yet. Summed up, fishing on shore here is just okay. I will post as soon as things get moving here. First, we are going to need some rain. Have a great day.

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